Let's Care About Each Other: Contemporary Composers of Split

mon, January 15th, 2024
08:00 pm

Let's Care About Each Other: Contemporary Composers of Split


Ansambl Arthesis
Loris Grubišić
, violin
Mislav Salopek, violin
Igor Smoday, viola
Vid Veljak, cello
Zoran Velić, piano

Program: Ivan Božičević, Blaženko Juračić, Mirko Krstičević, Vlado Sunko 

We present to you the first concert in 2024: Let's Care About Each Other!

The evening is dedicated to conremporary composers from Split, whose works will be performed by the Arthesis ensemble, the project of composer Mirko Krstičević. The music and fine arts project Arthesis was created in 2021 as a response to the growing local and national need for the creation of new compositions, premieres of works by contemporary composers, connecting contemporary musical expression with the fine arts, decentralization and the desire for cultural branching: through this kind of project, local composers have the opportunity to hear the performance of their compositions, and the audience gets to know the contemporary music of living Croatian composers who live outside Zagreb. The contact between the live composer and the audience greatly contributes to the education and popularization of contemporary classical music.

The repertoire will include compositions by Ivan Božičević, Blaženko Juračić, Vlado Sunko and Mirko Krstičević, performed by Loris Grubišić and Mislav Salopek on violin, Igor Smoday on viola, Vid Veljak on cello and Zoran Velić on piano.

It is no coincidence that the concert shares its name with the well-known campaign for the protection of sharks - it is Mirko Krstičević who wrote the song White Shark, which was declared the official anthem of the campaign.

10,00 €