Office activities include the organization of festivals, projects, concerts and other events, from program planning, compiling applications and reports, technical execution, administration and accounting, media (PR, web, print).


The events organized by the Zadar Concert Office include:

  • Concert season, around 40-60 concerts a year, consists of:
    • Subscription Concert Cycle (8-10 concerts a year)
    • Bersa Concert Cycle (7-8 concerts)
    • Zadar Chamber Orchestra Concert Cycle (6-7 concerts a year)
    • Concerts not included in the subscription (about 4 a year)
    • Off-program events (Club, Dance, Youth), about 20 a year
    • music workshops, about 10 a year,
  • Musical evenings in Sv. Donat, 10-15 concerts a year,
  • International Choir Competition, about 20 events every other year,
  • Concerts and workshops as part of the KvartART Festival, about 10 a year,
  • Other activities (movie screenings, lectures, round tables, book presentations, etc.) on the premises of the Rector's Palace

In total: about 100-180 events a year

Plans for future activities include music publishing in the form of book publication, sheet music editions, and production of music CDs.